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At Casual Writers, the freedom to write is everything. Our clients, who range from publicly traded corporations, small business owners, ecommerce websites, social media communities and publishing houses, require a wide bandwidth of content suited to authors ranging from even the most novice writer to seasoned professionals looking for a challenge.You choose when and how much you write ? with no limit to how much you can earn.

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    No charges or hidden fees:?Casual Writers is 100% free of charge for writers.

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    You are paid for your articles immediately upon acceptance by the client.

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    Casual Writers recruits clients ? thousands of daily orders.

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    Work to deadlines that suit you! Choose projects based upon on your availability.

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    Our experienced team of editors regularly rates your articles and provides you with helpful tips on how you further improve your writing.

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    Free writing resources:?Stay on top of writing trends with our blog, tutorials and videos.